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The Joy of Running a Restaurant


Restaurant businesses have started picking up during the last few years or so. Everywhere you turn, there always seems to be a new eating joint at some corner – a small café, a pizza place, a little diner. It’s actually no surprise that the restaurant industry is booming in spite of the apparent economic slump.

Yearly, many consumers opt to dine out or take home prepared food and of course, nearly every business-minded person want to take a share of that growing market. Add to that the fact that the market for ethnic and fusion foods have been also seeing a steady rise of patrons and it does seem like that running a restaurant would be a smart, business move. Not only that, if you are the kind of person who has a real passion for food and cooking, then owning and running a restaurant can definitely be fulfilling and rewarding.  You can combine your hobby in a business wherein you call the shots. Not bad, right? In spite of the many hardships that you will be bound to run into, there is an indescribable joy of running a restaurant.

However, before you do get carried away with an ideal image of a cozy little place filled with loyal patrons and having a dedicated staff, you do have to face the hard facts.  It’s not enough that you enjoy cooking, know how to schmooze with people, lead well or have that uncanny ability of pairing a certain food with wine. No siree, that won’t cut it. It takes hard work and stamina. The hours are long and chances are, you won’t get to spend holidays or special days like Valentine’s – these are work days, meaning you have to be at the front door of your restaurant with a smile painted on your face.

Yes, being self-employed can mean a more flexible personal schedule for you however, that may not be the case for the restaurant business trade. The very nature of a food-based business relies on tight schedules, from procuring ingredients to opening and closing times.  There’s a need for constant quality control, from ingredients, to the space down to your staff. Not only that, the business would often require hard, physical labor, leaving you dead-tired at the end of the day. Not exactly the walk in the park that you’ve been dreaming of. These are the main reasons why, according to statistics, only 1 in 3 restaurants survive the first 3 years of being in the business.

With such dismal predictions and obstacles to overcome, one might be surprised that many people still pursue the restaurant business trade. Is there really a joy of running a restaurant? Of course, there is! Food has always been tightly associated with one’s culture and the idea of home. And perhaps, these are the main reasons why many people find themselves toying with the idea. That is where the real joy of running a restaurant lies – the idea that you create and serve food that can put a smile on people’s faces.

The Life of a Restaurant Owner


People often do not appreciate the The Joy of Running a Restaurant because of the huge risk involved in running the business. People see it as a dreadful type of business one could never imagine of owning. Despite the negative stigma associated with running a restaurant, it certainly has many relative advantages.

Owning and running a restaurant is more of calling than a job. The Joy of Running a Restaurant lies on ones passion and motivation. Although it requires a certain amount of stress and hard work, it offers many opportunities just like having free food and being the boss of your own.

The Joy of Running a Restaurant depends on your approach on the business. It is your outlook that defines the joy and happiness present in your working environment. If you want to own a restaurant just for the profit, the chances of you not succeeding are more likely to occur. Having to manage a restaurant is a long-term commitment that requires passion and dedication. You really have to pour your heart to it.

The success of owning and running a restaurant ultimately depends on its owner. Restaurant owners are people person. They like to deal with people. A part of the job in running a restaurant is to enjoy chatting with your customers. You have to be open minded by listening to their complaints and suggestions. As the forerunner, you also have to be a good at multitasking.

Restaurant owners thrive under stress. If you are not a good stress handler, than owning and running a restaurant is not your calling. Any type of job deals with stress. However, in the restaurant or hospitality industry, stress is taken in completely different level because you are dealing with people directly. As the one who runs the business, all the worries boils down to your nerves and you cannot help but think about everything that is happening within the restaurant.

Despite all the stresses, running a restaurant certainly has many benefits. Running and owning a restaurant is just as hard and comforting as raising a child. It is a personal fulfillment. The Joy of Running a Restaurant flourishes once you see it appreciated by people and once you see it grow. When people appreciate your excellent food and service, it makes you happy. The fulfillment it offers is priceless. Running a restaurant is one of the fewest jobs that can offer much personal joy. Not to mention, the responsibility it entails offers a training ground for leadership and personality development.

Another good benefit of running your own restaurant is the opportunity of being your own boss. Having such type of business is ideal for people who do not want to limit their creative control towards something. Being your own boss means that you have the creative power to decide on whatever you want to do with your business, from marketing to operations. In our case, the work starts from the minute the Shipley Transport truck arrives at our doorstep to the minute we close up shop. The work never stops, but the gratification in the end is totally worth it!

Lastly, being the boss, you get to meet many people. It makes you more sociable and it helps you establish a network of friends and business partners. For these simple reasons, one can say that running and working in a restaurant can be both fun and rewarding.